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Galactic Mining Mission

New jobs are very hard but especially when they are in OUTER SPACE.

You have started a new job with a new space company called Galactic Mining Company, GMC for short. They have found a unique planet with all the Lithium and minerals you could ever want. However, there is one catch, it is occupied by ALIENS.

You need to free your friends trapped in the mine and escape the planet before you get captured. It won’t be easy. Oh, did I tell you that the ship is not yours it is THEIRS.  Good Luck!


Please Note:

This room only has Hard and Expert difficulty levels.


This is a true Co-Op room your team will be split into two groups to start in different rooms, and work together to get out together. As such we require a minimum of 2 adults (18+ years old) if there are children in the group.


Galactic Rate.png
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